• Type:LLDPE Stretch Film
  • HSN Code:39201024
  • Size:3" To 36"
  • Micron:9mic to 75mic
  • Core:3"/76mm, 0.6-2kg
  • Packing:Pack of 6 Rolls
  • Elongation:250% - 600%
  • Delivery Time:2-5 Days

Product Description

Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap or pallet wrap, is a highly stretchable plastic film commonly used to secure and protect items during storage and transportation. Stretch is mainly used by industries like automobile, logistics, agriculture, appliances and transportation. Rohit Polymer Industries is leading Manufacturer and exporter of stretch film in india. Because of our highly stretchable with perfect adhesive stretch film made from imported raw material like dowlex and exonmobile LLDPE granules. Here are some of its uses, features, and benefits:


  1. Pallet Wrapping: One of the primary uses of stretch film is to secure and stabilize loads on pallets. It helps prevent items from shifting during transportation and protects them from dust, dirt, and moisture.
  2. Unitizing Products: Stretch film is used to bundle or unitize products, making them easier to handle and transport as a single unit rather than individual items.
  3. Securing and Bundling: It is often used for bundling smaller items together, providing stability and protection during handling and shipping.
  4. Wrapping Furniture: Furniture manufacturers and movers use stretch film to protect furniture from scratches, dust, and damage during transportation and storage.
  5. Wrapping Large Items: Stretch film is suitable for wrapping large and irregularly shaped items, providing a secure covering and protection.


  1. Stretchability: The film is designed to stretch and cling tightly to objects, creating a secure and stable wrap.
  2. Transparency: Stretch film is often transparent, allowing for easy identification of wrapped items and simplifying inventory management.
  3. Variety of Gauges and Sizes: Stretch film is available in different thicknesses (gauges) and widths to accommodate various packaging needs.
  4. Clarity and Gloss: Some stretch films have a glossy finish, providing a professional and clean appearance to the wrapped items.
  5. Self-Adhering: Stretch film is usually self-adhering, eliminating the need for additional adhesives or tapes to secure the wrap.


  1. Protection: Stretch film provides a protective barrier against dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors, helping to maintain the integrity of the wrapped items.
  2. Cost-Effective: Using stretch film can be cost-effective compared to other packaging methods. It reduces the need for additional packaging materials and minimizes product damage during transit.
  3. Efficiency: Stretch film allows for quick and efficient wrapping of items, saving time and labor in the packaging process.
  4. Improved Stability: By tightly wrapping items, stretch film improves load stability, reducing the risk of items shifting or falling during transportation.
  5. Versatility: Stretch film is versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications across various industries, making it a valuable packaging solution.

In summary,Rohit Polymer stretch film is a versatile packaging material that offers benefits such as protection from direct sunlight and water damage, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and improved stability for a variety of applications in industrial packaging ways.